A far better blog than my own is called ‘Just Boobs'(JustBoobs.WordPress.com).  It was my inspiration for starting my own blog and choosing WordPress as the platform.  Just Boobs is the best collection of gorgeous young women with beautiful breasts I have ever seen.  The photographs are as flawless as the models.  By all means, visit the site for yourself.  Here, I have accumulated my favorite girls from his blog.  A blogger known only as ‘James’.  Each and every model is young and beautiful.  It may sound common, but this collection is better than anything you have ever seen.  Also, the photo quality is top notch.  In some circumstances he showed the ‘before’ version before he retouched the photo.  I wouldn’t call this glamour photography, but more artistic.  The models are rarely wearing any makeup, if at all.

James, you are truly one of my heroes and an inspiration.  I hope my own blog someday captures the artistry of yours.  So here are some of my favorites from the Just Boobs WordPress blog.

As always with this blog, I have added my critique and rating.  You are invited to do the same, just below the photo, with your comment.  Below is the Rating scale but feel free to use your own.

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Click on a photo to bring up the larger slideshow where you can comment and rate.  

For more, please visit Just Boobs.  A WordPress Blog.  {justboobs.wordpress.com}