This post features the beautiful women from Down Under from 1979-1980.  Native born Aussies who appeared in Playboy magazine or a Cyber Girl.  I put the city they’re from when I can.  That’s where I’ll start.  As I come across more gorgeous Australian models from other sources or other magazines, I will post them as well.  I’ll put them on top with a date so when you check back, you can easily see what’s new.  Or, if I missed someone, you can always suggest in the comments.  I have about a million list ideas and I’m trying to post a little of at least some of them so people can see the wide variety of lists I have planned.  So please be patient if I don’t update this series right away.  I will eventually post all of the Australian Playmates(1979-2000), as well as Aussies that have posed elsewhere.

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