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The Love Boat…

Yes, that’s right, this post features the hottest guest stars of The Love Boat.   For me it goes back to my pubescent years where the Love Boat was a great opportunity to see some sexy bathing suit scenes.   As always, I will give my rating.  I encourage viewers to do the same in my new format.  The new rating format is bulky and you can’t chop off the bottom part, but it’s the only tool available to us with a ‘free’ version.  However, it does allow the blog to flow the way I originally intended, which was for readers to be able to give their own critique and kind of ‘travel back in time’ in a way that only vintage photography can do.  There were a total of 555 guest stars on the Love Boat.  If you half that for just females, that is 277.  I show 3 pictures of each, so that’s a grand total of 831 photos.  I have to break it up into smaller posts.  So this one will only be A through B.

I always preface my rating system tailored to the content.  A 5 star rating for a Love Boat guest star doesn’t hold the same weight as when rating Playboy Centerfolds.   So, Set a course for adventure and check out these lovely ladies.

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Abby Dalton, 1982. (Photo by Getty Images)

Abby Dalton.  Known mostly from The Joey Bishop show, where she played his wife.

Abby Dalton
In the 80’s she had a recurring role on Falcon Crest.
Abby Dalton 2
Is that her boob peeking out there? Awesome! 4/5 ★★★★. I think the boobs would be spectacular if we could only see them.

Scene from Love Boat
Julia Duffy.  A Love Boat still. Had a mad crush on her during the Newhart show days.
Known for her role on Newhart.
Nude Scene from Night Warning.  I would have never guessed.  But I'm glad she did!
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found out she appeared nude in a movie(Night Warning). But I’m glad she did! 5/5 ★★★★★ She was sexy all buttoned up on Newhart. To see those tits is a real treat.

Adrienne Barbeau 3
Adrienne Barbeau.  Is she sexy or what? Known for her role as the bra less daughter of TV’s Maude.
Adrienne Barbeau 1
More famous for her large breasts.
Adrienne Barbeau 2
Appeared in High Society Magazine. 5/5 ★★★★★. Great breasts and she knows it’s her ticket.

Juliet Mills 1
Juliet Mills. Known mostly for The Nanny and the Professor
Juliet Mills 2
British actress and sister to Hayley Mills
Nude Scene from movie Avanti with Jack Lemon.  Nice rack, full C cup.
Another – I can’t believe I found a nude – but I’m glad I did moment! 5/5 ★★★★★.  Juliet was another buttoned up, secretly sexy pubescent dream.

Alana Stewart 1
Alana Stewart was Married to Rod Stewart
Alana Stewart 2
and married to George Hamilton
Alana Stewart 3
Why? She’s a former model 3/5 ★★★ For a model and Rod Stewart’s wife I’m a little disappointed. Barely a B-cup. If you look at George’s hand position you can tell he’s posing for the picture while pretending to be sleeping. Douche.

Angela Cartwright 1
Angela Cartwright. Love Boat scene
Angela Cartwright 2
Modeling career where of course she got skinny and her boobs shrank. Looks hotter in previous picture. 4/5 ★★★★
Angela Cartwright 3
She was Penny on Lost in Space

A slide show of all the Brady women who appeared on the Love Boat.

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Florence Henderson(Mrs. Brady)

Maureen McCormick(Marcia)

Eve Plumb(Jan)

Susan Olsen(Cindy)

Ann Miller Love Boat
Ann Miller. Love Boat still. She’s the one on the left.  In her later years she always wore a similar outfit to show people that she still had nicely shaped legs.  The chick on her left – why was she in show business?  She was always playing a sort of nit-wit.
Smokin’hot when she was young, sultry.  I guess it would be hard not to let people forget that.  Personally, although I had my moments – I was never ‘man-hot’ so I guess I can’t relate.
Ann Miller 2
Legs of a dancer. She was a dancer. 4/5 ★★★★ So pretty in this picture.

Ann Turkel 1
Ann Turkel.  She was an actress and model
Ann Turkel 2
Ann Turkel 3
It’s a miracle! Her boobs increased 2 cup sizes. 1/5 ★ for fake boobs.

anne baxter 1
Anne Baxter. Hot when she was young.
anne baxter 2
Come get me.
anne baxter 3
As Nefretiri, the reluctant wife of Ramses, in ‘The Ten Commandments’. Is that a nipple? 4/5 ★★★★.
anne francis 3
Anne Francis(the one on the right). Is the bird perched on her earring?
Anne Francis 1
Anne Francis young and nude photo shoot UHQ 1.jpg
Even sexier Anne Francis young and nude. Nice boobs. 4/5 ★★★★
Arlene Dahl 3
Arlene Dahl. Pretty.  Sorry about the focus, but I really liked this photo.
Arlene Dahl 2
Pretty eyes.
Arlene Dahl 1
Nice legs.  4/5 ★★★★
audrey and judy landers 1a
Judy and Audrey Landers both appeared on the Love Boat.  Right away I think whipped cream, but they’re feathers.
audrey-landers 2
Audrey, whom I think is the prettier of the two.  Known mostly from the TV show ‘Dallas’.
audrey-landers 3
Smallish breasts knock her down to 4/5 ★★★★
Judy landers 1
Judy. Tried to hard to be an 80’s sex symbol with small roles in various movies and TV.
Judy landers 2
But she was totally sexy, don’t get me wrong.
judy-landers 3
I love the feathered hair look of the 70’s.  Brings back so many good memories.  I also like the look on her face.  It is the only one I found that she didn’t have a ‘posed’ expression.  Considering I’m always stuck on boobs, she looks best in this picture.  Her tits are bigger here than in all the hundreds of pics I sorted through(the most enjoyable part of this blog is picking out my favorite photos).   4/5 ★★★★

Audrey Landers

Judy Landers

ann jillian 2
Ann Jillian from the 1980 TV show ‘It’s a Living’.
ann jillian 3
She was sexy in the 80’s.
ann jillian 1
Not all that special. 3/5 ★★★
Barbara Parkins 1
Barbara Parkins. Peyton Place, Valley of the Dolls.  I believe that boob was strategically placed as to make her appear more sexy.  I like it.
barbaraparkins 3
Hot.  She looks like a prostitute working upstairs of a saloon in a western.
Barbara Parkins  (2)
She’ll let you see ’em if you ask nice. Sexy eyes and a nice rack. 5/5 ★★★★★

Below is a slide show featuring Love Boat passenger, Playmate and my dream girl – Barbi Benton.

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annette_funicello 3
Annette Funiccelo
Annette Funicello 2
Made a lot of beach movies featuring her large assets in a bikini.  Is that a radio she’s holding?
annette funicelo 1
She started as a Mousketeer just like Brittany Spears. Cute face and sexy body. 5/5 ★★★★★
Betty White 2
Betty White
I guess her sauciness wasn’t an act
Betty White 3
We all love Betty White. Unrankable.
Bonnie Franklin 1
Bonnie Franklin
Bonnie Franklin 2
She always bugged me. Not attractive at all. Why did Schneider see in her?
Bonnie Franklin 3
1/5 ★ Nothing to see here
Brenda Vaccaro 2
A young Brenda Vaccaro
Brenda Vaccaro 3
I always thought she was kinda sexy. Maybe it was the raspy voice.
Brenda Vaccaro in Midnight Cowboy
Interesting shot from Midnight Cowboy /5 ★★
Brenda Benet 1
Brenda Benet
Brenda Benet 2
Brenda Benet sexy see-through
Brenda-Benet 2
Young Ms. Benet 3/5 ★★★ Almost a 4
britt ekland 2
Britt Ekland
britt ekland 3
Britt Ekland 1
Unfortunately her smallish breasts bring her rating down 4/5 ★★★★


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