This post features the Playboy Playmates of 1956.  One of the most iconic American magazines of our culture and a National Treasure.  I chose, as always, the 3 sexiest photos I could find.  Not always of the actual pictorial.  I just mostly go for the best boob shots.  I will also add some interesting vintage ads and other miscellaneous stuff.  Choose your favorite Playmate.  You may choose more than one.  You will see the results so far when you click ‘Vote’.  Enjoy!

Miss January
Lynn Turner, Miss January.  Playboy didn’t go nude in this issue.  Luckily I found an old black & white so we can see the goods…and their good.
lynn-turner 2
A couple of sweet puffies and a thick bottom.
-Lynn-turner 3
Even her butt is covered.  Shame on you Playboy.


Polygamy Letter

Polygamy Letter 2

Miss February cf
Marguerite Empey, Miss February.  AKA Diane Webber.  Centerfold photo taken by Russ Meyer.
empey 2
Perky C’s
empey 3
I like a bumpy Areola.  Don’t know why.  Just do.

Playboy's Party Jokes LogoJoke 1

stafford 1
Marian Stafford, Miss March. Hairstyle kind of ruins it for me.  Her centerfold was the first to fold out to 3 pages.

stafford 3.JPG

stafford 2
The longer her hair, the prettier she is.  We really might have had something if she was nude.
rusty cf
Rusty Fisher, Miss April.  Not a sexy centerfold.

rusty 3

rusty 2
I think butts have evolved into better butts over the last 50 years or so.
scott cf
Marion Scott, Miss May.


scott 3
Very nice.  Definitely in the running.
Gloria Walker, Miss June
You’re covering up the best parts, my dear.
Wish I had a better view of that rack.
alicedenham cf
Miss July, Alice Denham
Held a master’s degree, taught fiction at a City University of New York, published a few novels, and was the only Playmate to have a short story published in the same issue as her centerfold.  Beautiful and smart.
One bio said double D’s.  Looks more like D’s to me.  I need to see some sort of bra chart so I can become an expert in sizing a woman’s breasts.  Maybe they have a class at my local community college.
Miss August, Jonnie Nicely.  She eventually went on to a long career as a mechanic at a Rockwell International B-1 bomber plant in California.
Va-va-voom!  Now we’re talking.  Enough with Playboy’s side boob.
I’ve always had a thing for belly dancers.
elsa cf
Elsa Sorensen, Miss September.  Aka Dane Arden.
Elsa 1
She was Danish and a former Miss Denmark.
Elsa 4
Best ass yet.  Surely a vote getter.
janet 5cf
Janet Pilgrim, Miss October.  Centerfold of the Month 3 times.  Guess what – Hef’s first Playmate girlfriend.
JanetPilgrim 6
Nice rack and one of the better butts from 1956 – but that hairdo.



Betty Blue cf
Miss November, Betty Blue.  I’ll bet she did.
Not a bad butt for 1956.
Sexy picture but what is that glittery stuff around her?
lisa cf
Lisa Winters, Miss December and my favorite.
The prettiest with Elsa next.
lisa winters back
I had to add a 4th picture because even from the back with her butt covered she’s sexy.  I never intended to be impartial.

Don’t forget you can choose more than one.

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