Choose your favorite Playmate of 1957.  You can choose more than one.  I included 3 pictures of each Playmate to get a better picture, if you will, of what she really looks like.  In the 50’s Playboy was all about side boobs and creative cover-ups of nipples and other assets.  Difficult to get a full head-on nude photo.

Miss January, June Blair


Nice buns.
Sally CF
Miss February, Sally Todd

sally 2

sally 1
I love this picture.  She looks great, very pretty.  Can’t we see just one boob Mr. Hefner?
march cf
Miss March, Sandra Edwards.  Looking kind of Black Swan-ish.
Spread from another magazine


windsor cf
Miss April, Gloria Windsor.
windsor 3
I maybe over-critical here, but her teeth and or mouth are too big.
windsor 2
Much better without the big smile.

Early on, the best photos I use of the models came from other sources than Playboy.  In fact, there were many nudie magazines before Playboy. Mostly European magazines whose countries had less restrictive laws and moral codes.  What separated Playboy from the pack(besides being American) was that Playboy was mainstream and had a sort of class and personality, while the Euro mags were more backroom pornographic and lacked other magazine features such as fiction by top writers and interviews with major celebrities and public figures.

dawn cf
Miss May, Dawn Richards.  Kind of a flat ass and where is her belly button?
dawn 1
Looks much curvier in this photo.  Dawn’s biggest movie role was as one of the Pharaoh’s daughters in ‘The Ten Commandments’.
dawn 3
From Modern Man magazine.  Definitely more sexy, but lacking Playboy’s quality – and color.  The two wouldn’t combine until the sixties.
carrie cf
Miss June, Carrie Radison

carrie 2

carrie 1
Looking absolutely gorgeous.  Carrie went on to become one the first Playboy Bunnies working at the Playboy Club Chicago.
jean cf
Miss July, Jean Jani
jean jani 4
She looks good as a blonde
jean 2
I think this shot is the best.
dolores cf
Miss August, Dolores Donlon



Dolores had a busy life before becoming a Playmate – she attended a French convent school in New York State, became a successful model in New York City, was a contract player at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and had married twice before she appeared in Playboy.

Jacquelyn Prescott cf
Miss September, Jacquelyn Prescott

DOLORES DONLON 5JacquelynPrescott 1

colleen cf
Miss October, Colleen Farrington
ColleenFarrington 2
She is the mother of actress Diane Lane
ColleenFarrington 3
This pictorial is notable because she has photos as a red head, brunette and blonde.
Marlene cf
Miss November, Marlene Callahan
Marlene is serious about her spaghetti
Cute picture
Linda Vargas cf
Miss December, Linda Vargas

linda 3

linda 2
She’s sexy.  I love Hispanic women so naturally Ms Vargas appeals to me.

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