It’s PLAYBOY vs PENTHOUSE! Choose your favorite centerfold.

Note: Penthouse started in the UK in 1965. The first American edition wasn’t printed until September 1969.  So we’re starting with Brits vs American girls.  One issue was printed for both April and May.

April/May 1965

sue williams cf
Sue Williams, Playboy
She is only 4’11 and 98 lbs and cute
Sue was the first Playmate to have breast implants.  I chose this picture so that you can clearly see that they are fake.  I am a staunch opponent of fake boobs for purely cosmetic reasons.  Why a surgeon can’t craft a lifelike boob is a mystery to me.  They usually look, like this pair, as if someone glued each half of a cantaloupe to her chest.  I was shocked when I read about this.  I didn’t think breast implants started until the 80’s.

Linda Richie, Penthouse
A lot wrong with this photo
linda richie 3
Not really even centerfold material but she’s my winner by default because of Sue William’s fake boobs.

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