It’s PLAYBOY vs PENTHOUSE!  Choose your favorite centerfold.

Note: Penthouse started in the UK in 1965.  The first American edition wasn’t printed until September 1969.

March 1965

jennifer cf
Jennifer Jackson, Playboy
jennifer 2
Jennifer was the first black centerfold, and gorgeous
jennifer 3
She’s from Chicago, my home town
twin bunnies
Jennifer worked at the Chicago Playboy Club with her twin sister.

Denise Johns centrefold March 1965
First ever Penthouse centerfold, Denise Johns
The first issue of Penthouse magazine, published in the UK in 1965.  The American edition began printing in 1969.
denise johns review
Publisher Bob Guccioni recruited models by standing outside a secretarial temp agency in London

denise johns review2

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