It’s PLAYBOY vs PENTHOUSE!  Choose your favorite centerfold.  Penthouse was still only published in the U.K. in October of 1965, so these are Brit girls in a magazine that hadn’t hit it’s stride yet.

October 1965

Allison Parks, Playboy
Pretty smile
Bottom nicely rounded
Allison Parks with kids
I included this picture because these are her children but Playboy labels her as a swimming instructor with her students.  Not wanting a centerfold to be thought of as a mother instead of a sex symbol.  Also, it’s incredible how after two children her breasts remained perky and wonderful.

October Pet of the Month, Amber Dean Smith – Penthouse
I had to look long and hard at this one because she looks so much better in this photo than her Penthouse layout.  But I believe it is her.  Her hair and makeup, especially around the eyes, is different and it makes for a stunning transformation.  Quite beautiful actually.
I think this is a poor photograph because she looks sunburned and has sunglasses marks on her face.  It’s not a good look.

So far it hasn’t looked too good for Penthouse but I think it will be a much closer race once we get to 1969 when they start publishing in the USA with American girls.

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