This post is all about the hottest women to appear on TV’s The Love Boat.  There were 555 total guest stars on this long running show.  That is why I have to post the complete list in segments alphabetically.  I used to watch that show every Saturday night.  It was a sexy show to a pre-teen back then because we got to see the stars in their bathing suits(some anyway).  No internet, so things were, of course, much more buttoned up back then in 1977 to 1986.  To tweens like me, The Love Boat was a chance to see some sweet ass.

As you will see, I have made changes since my first Love Boat post.  No more rating each guest star.  At the bottom you will have a chance to vote for your favorite.  It’s just too tedious to create a unique poll that counts votes for each and every guest star.  But the JimboPedigo theme remains.  I will find the 3 or so sexiest photos to present for your consideration.  I’ll use nudes if I can find and verify them.  You may vote for more than one.  The list is in alphabetical order by first name.

Now sing with me…

Love, exciting and new
Come aboard, were expecting you.
The Love Boat…

Caren Kaye made 5 appearances
caren 2
A confident look that nice tits can give a girl.  A still from a scene from ‘My Tutor’.  A classic type of horny teenager genre whose popularity peaked in the 80’s and then  killed by the internet.

caren 4

Caren from My Tutor
Nude scene from ‘My Tutor’.  That is one lucky dumb-ass.  According to her nipples, she isn’t into him much.  All in all, a good start to this edition of The Hottest Guest Stars of The Love Boat.


carol love boat
Carol Lynley
carol 1
Very pretty with a nice size rack

carol 2

carol 3
I will always remember her from one of my favorite old movies ‘The Poseidon Adventure’.

bach 3
Catherine Bach also known on TV as Daisy Duke.
bach 4
Unfortunately Daisy Dukes can be mostly spotted at Pride Parades these days.
bach boobs
Baring her breasts in an obscure movie titled ‘Nicole’.
bach 2
Fantastic photo of breasts without showing any nipple.  Just a hint of areola.  They were quite large weren’t they?

Carolyn Jones
Rocking an old school bikini.
Almost married Batman.  He chickened out at the last moment.  I had never noticed the eyebrow cutouts in his mask before.
Mostly famous for her role as Morticia Adams on the Addams Family.

Catherine Oxenberg
Born in New York, raised in London and went to Harvard.
She had a busy career, modeling and appearing in many bad(mostly) movies and TV shows but highlighted by her appearances on The Love Boat, of course.

Cathy Lee Crosby
Before acting she represented the U.S. in tennis competitions attaining a ranking of #7 in singles and #4 in doubles.
She has starred in over 75 feature films, mini-series and television shows including the first ever movie about the comic book ‘Wonder Woman’ which attained the highest rated television show starring a female with a 49% share.  Also starred in the TV show ‘That’s Incredible’ which was an incredibly dumb show.

Charlene Tilton
Best known for being Lucy Ewing on ‘Dallas’.
I had forgotten how beautiful she was.  I think I already know who I’m voting for.
Charlene appeared in Playmen magazine which was Italy’s version of Playboy looking like a pretty nymphet.  The look on her face suggests she knows what men are thinking.
She had guest appearances on many TV shows such as ‘Happy Days’, Laverne and Shirley, Battle of the Network Stars, ‘Eight is Enough’, ‘Knots Landing’, ‘Fantasy Island’, Murder, She Wrote’, ‘Hotel’and ‘Married with Children’ where she appeared as herself as a TV pitch woman for a body toner which she actually did in real life.

The theme of this blog is, of course, vintage beauties and sometimes when I run across someone like a Charlene Tilton, of whom I had such a crush when I was young, and I get to gloss over so many 80’s photographs and I get the thrill of rediscovering Charlene Tilton all over again.  They just don’t make’em like they used to.

Charo, cuchi-cuchi!
Married 60 year old Xavier Cugat when she was 18 and came to America.


The original Sofia Vergara – just shorter.

Cloris Leachman, ready to travel.
I suppose there is a reason that Cloris Leachman is a famous actress.  I just don’t know what it is.  I’ve never liked looking at her.  Yet she’s on the list and I have a job to do so there you go, enjoy.



Little Conchata Farrell pictures.
I would have liked to see what the rest of her looked like.
She’s had a long TV career.  Many, many shows.  Most famous for Two and a Half Men.

Connie Stevens Love Boat still
Another favorite of mine during puberty.


She had a long career as a sex symbol and to prove it here she is starring in an ABC Movie of the Week called ‘The Sex Symbol’.

Courteney Cox in a scene from The Love Boat in 1986.  Her boobs really grew as she got older.
Young and sexy
Sex scene from ‘Blue Desert’.
Oops! Paparazzi nip slip.  I’m guessing the water was a little cold.

Crystal Bernard in a scene from The Love Boat
80’s cute with a nice butt.


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