This post has bikini photos of all of the 2017 Miss America contestants for you to vote for your favorite(s), at the bottom.  Some of the photos are from state and other competitions that they competed in on their way up the ladder to Miss America.  I used the sexiest one I could find.  I highly recommend visiting their site( and purchasing their photos.  Will do part 2 tomorrow.

I am going to try to be more timely with some of my lists but on the whole the focus here is vintage.  For example, I missed out on the latest Star Wars and could have a done a ‘Girls in Princess Leia costume post.  I could have done a Harley Quinn costume…  So I’m just going to do those and other similar posts around Halloween since it’s coming up anyway.

So, back to the business at hand: I make the lists and you choose your favorites!

Hayley Barber, Miss Alabama.  Don’t like the ribs showing.  I hope they all go out to Old Country Buffet after the show.


Miss Alaska, Kendall Bautista.  She looks way better here than her pageant photo where she looks terribly thin and you can see her ribs, but this one may have been photoshopped.  She’s naturally tall and very narrow.  Really sexy in this photo.


Miss Arizona, Katelyn Niemiec.  Nice to see a healthy body instead of skinny girls with their ribs showing.  Great body.


Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields.  She already has her porn name.  You can’t tell, but she’s really short. *Winner: Miss America 2017!

Miss California, Jessa Carmack.  Favorite so far, but I’m partial to Latina looking women.  Nicest rack award.
Miss Colorado, Shannon Patilla.  It looks like she has a giant head on a little body.  It’s just a bad picture.  She looks nicely proportioned in other pictures.  Unfortunately it’s the only bikini photo of her I found.
Miss Connecticut, Alyssa Rae Taglia.  Great Body and a pretty face.  Double D’s.
Miss Delaware, Amanda Debus
Miss District of Columbia, Cierra Jackson.
Miss Florida, Courtney Sexton
Miss Georgia, Patricia Ford
Miss Hawaii, Alison Carol Nanae Chu
Miss Idaho, Kylee Solberg
I couldn’t find a better bikini photo.  There is a big shadow on her face, so I added another one since she is from my home state.  Her body looks great but this picture doesn’t do her face justice with that shadow.
Miss Illinois, Jaryn Franklin.  Great rack.  Yay Illinois!
Miss Indiana, Brianna DeCamp.  Her talent is tap dancing.  Who does that anymore?
Miss Iowa, Kelly Koch.  She looks like she has a great butt.  Too bad I couldn’t find a pic.
Miss Kansas, Kendall Schoenekase.  Hot.
Miss Kentucky, Laura Jones
Miss Louisiana, Justine Ker.  I checked.  It’s not Ms. Teen USA.
Miss Maine, Marybeth Noonan.  I wanted to end part 1 on a good note.
Miss Maine, Marybeth Noonan.  Bonus Photo!

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