Another post in my series ‘Battle of the Centerfolds’,  where you vote for your favorite contestant.  The contestants are the Playboy Playmate vs the Penthouse Pet of the same month and year.  Playboy vs Penthouse.  You decide.  Votes are tallied in real time.  You may see the results by clicking.  In 1966 Penthouse hadn’t made it’s way to the States yet, so the Penthouse Pets are British beauties.  Here at  I make the lists – you choose your favorite.

PENTHOUSE Miss May, 1966 – Lesley Langley.

Lesley was the winner of the Miss World pageant in 1965.  I will definitely do some Miss World posts in the future. 
That butt line there is awfully straight.  Cute little curve towards the back door but we may have a a little bit of flat ass syndrome here.  A serious and often fatal malady here at
Love the 60’s chair.
Her breasts are disappointing to say the least.  Don’t want to be mean(critiquing is what this site is about) but they are too small for her frame without any kind of shape whatsoever.  No rounded fullness.  They may be the worst set I’ve posted to date.  She’s a pretty girl but when naked her flaws really show thru.  No butt, no boobs, so all you really have is a pretty face.  My idea for a pageant would be a see-through fishnet onesie.  Nipples clearly visible but some padding for camel toe.  That is how a beauty pageant should be.  Let’s be real for a minute.  The judges are really measuring a contestant by what they imagine to be underneath that bikini.  Let’s eliminate the guesswork and just show the goods but in a slightly more classy way than just nude.

PLAYBOY Miss May, 1966 – Dolly Read

This shot is amazing.  Her beautiful eyes and those gloriously perky large breasts.
Love this picture.  Cute expression on here face and close up boobies.  All that and a  British accent to boot.
Perfectly staged where just enough is exposed where you can see the amazing shape of her breasts.  And those adorable 60’s bangs.  She was married, divorced and re-married to Dick Martin the comedian from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in.  Lucky son-of-a-bitch.
I like to include the Bunny shots when I find them. It’s just so… from a different time, where, in the midst of it all, she was a waitress.  And the ashtrays.

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