Horror flicks have always included gorgeous women, and sometimes those women have been Playmates. Over 40 Playmates since 1956 have been featured in horror and slasher films. This post has the complete photo list of all Playboy Playmates who appeared in a scary movie!  Playboy Scream Queens.  Some had larger roles while some were killed off right away.  Which Playmate is your favorite horror film actress?  As always with JimboPedigo.com you can vote for your favorites in the poll at the bottom.

Real invitations.  I would give my left nut to attend one of these parties.  My own personal  Heaven is various themed Playboy Mansion parties.  The Halloween one has to be the best.  I will do some research and hopefully find enough to do a Playboy Party Post!  

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I’m totally against cosmetic surgery for the purpose of enhancement or vanity.  Shauna Sand used to be naturally beautiful. Unfortunately she has had incrementally horrifying plastic surgery. She started with breast implants, but it moved on to an overdone face lift, fillers, and lip injections. She, like many others, just didn’t know when to stop. Sand, 41, is estimated to have had numerous plastic surgeries such as a boob job, nose job, lip injections, botox injections, brow lift, cheek implants, laser and radio frequency treatments, chemical peels, tanning, permanent make-up, face lift and even diamond implants on her teeth! While circling the drain in addition to porn videos she appeared on the reality show ‘Botched’ which features people who have had botched plastic surgery. How desperate for fame or money do you have to be to appear in a show about how stupid some people are. If that isn’t bad enough, her first husband was Lorenzo Lamas.

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