This post is part of my continuing original series where I show you photos of both the Playboy and Penthouse Centerfolds for a particular month – then you vote for your favorite.  It’s a 3rd free party widget offered by WordPress that tallies the votes and keeps the info stored in real time.  Like the view counter.  Penthouse actually started in the UK and didn’t have an American centerfold until late 69′.  So enjoy Britain’s best vs an American.

PLAYBOY Playmate of the month  ♥   Miss October 1967   ♥   Reagan Wilson

A buxom beauty with delicious curves
Reagan has it all.  Big eyes, big breasts, long legs…I could look at these 2 photos all day


PENTHOUSE Pet of the Month   ♥   Miss October 1967   ♥   Brandy Lee


Unfortunately, these are the only 2 pictures of Brandy I could find

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