Part 3(110 countries total). The Miss World Pageant happens on December 18. For us it starts NOW! This is the only site with bikini pictures where you can vote for free(NOW) without having to download an app. In fact, you don’t have to sign up or anything. My blog is just for fun. I provide only the hottest, sexiest pics for all the contestants. Bikini photos and nudes if I can find them. You can vote for free. Vote for your favorites in the poll at the bottom of the page. The Miss World Pageant has eliminated the swimsuit competition this year, but I have provided bikini and nearly nude photos from the preliminary pageants leading up to Miss World. Miss World did away with the best part of the contest so that the women would be evaluated by their poise and confidence. That is ridiculous. This is, and always will be, a BEAUTY contest pure and simple. I’ve got the goods. The hottest, sexiest photos of all the contestants to truly be able to choose a winner. This is it’s 66th year and will take place in the U.S.(Maryland) this year. Now you get a personal preview with better photographs – and you’re the judge! Feel free to comment at the bottom of each picture in the slideshow.

For your consideration…The 2016 Miss World Contestants

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