New Series!  This series of posts will feature a competition between 5 lovely ladies, each appearing in different magazines.  A magazine I haven’t fully covered such as OUI, Gent, Club, Hustler, etc.  I’ll submit as many quality pics as I can of each model to give you a clear look in order to vote for your favorite.  As always, there is never any need to sign up or anything to vote or comment.  

Nancy Suiter, Circa 1978.  Appeared in Swank, Club, OUI, Hustler, and Genesis.

Linda Gordon, Circa 1978, appeared in Ace, Cavalier, Gent and 9 other magazines.  NOTE: I made an error.  This is Virginia Gordon, of whom I was doing a concurrent post(Playboy Playmates of 1959).  I will include the REAL Linda Gordon in the next post of this series, Nudie Magazine Beauty Contest #2.

Nina Carter, circa 1973, Gallery, Swank, Page 3, and others

Nelia Cozza, Circa 1980, Oui

Brigitte Lahaie, circa 1977, Oui, Knave, Hustler and others

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