This post is all about the hottest women to appear on TV’s The Love Boat. There were 555 total guest stars on this long running show. That is why I have to post the complete list in segments alphabetically. This post is women whose first name starts with the letter ‘E’. I used to watch that show every Saturday night. It was a sexy show to a pre-teen back then because we got to see the stars in their bathing suits(some anyway). No internet, so things were, of course, much more buttoned up back then in 1977 to 1986. To tweens like me, The Love Boat was a chance to see some sweet ass in a bikini.

As always, there is a poll at the bottom to vote for your favorites.  You may vote for more than one.  No registering or anything like that to vote.

Now sing along with me…

Love, exciting and new
Come aboard, were expecting you
The Love Boat…

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Edie Adams

Elke Sommer

Erin Gray

Erin Moran

Eva Gabor

Eve Plumb

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