This blog will feature Jet magazine’s ‘Beauties of the Week for 1953. In the beginning, there were different iterations of Jet’s Beauty of the Week.  Originally, they were calendar girls, then pin-up girls and finally – Beauty’s of the Week in 1970 to present day.  I was able to find nearly all of the Calendar Girls until 1960 when they changed to 2 page centerfold Pin-Up Girls.  The problem with the centerfolds is that I couldn’t find any ‘whole’ photos, and although I tried, I couldn’t match top to bottom well enough to post.  So I had to skip an entire decade.  So we’ll have Calendar Girls and a few extras until 1960 then skip to 1970 with the regular ‘Beauty of the Week’.  I’ll split the posts into 2 parts otherwise the ‘Favorite Poll’ would be 52 girls long.  I think 26 is a better number.  If they did any other sort of modeling or acting I will post photos of that as well – if I can find them. Jet magazine was originally published in Chicago so you will find many stories originating from the Windy City – my home town(CUBS!). As always, there will be a poll at the bottom where you choose your favorites. The votes are tallied in real time, and you can view the results by simply clicking. Feel free to comment and critique the girls. Hitting the LIKE button would make me happy. In doing my research I found the history of the publishers really interesting so I will do a post on The History of Jet Magazine’ as well.   I really like their content style. Instead of Fiction and interviews like Playboy, they have all kinds of snippets of stuff. Stuff like crime, entertainment, people, society. All kinds of things that are quite funny, whether intentional or not. Judge for yourself at some of stuff below.

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