New and Improved Battle of the Centerfolds 

Choose your favorite Centerfold!  I have changed the format because Playboy was always beating Penthouse so I added 2 additional centerfolds from other random magazines.  It looks like while Penthouse was directly competing with Playboy; they took a different angle with their photography.  It was more about symbolizing sex than a gorgeous naked woman.  It was alternative with it’s own style.  But head to head they just didn’t really match up equally.  In my opinion of course, and I freely admit that I’m an idiot.  So for this post we have Playboy, Penthouse, Mayfair and Playmen magazines.  Mayfair was the most popular U.K. men’s magazine while Playmen was Italy’s version of Playboy.  While Playboy and Penthouse are well documented on the internet, the same cannot be said of the lesser known magazines.  Thus, the models from those magazines may not be from the same month and year.  No internet in 1968, I’m doing the best I can.  So critique our beautiful ladies and then choose your favorites in the Poll at the bottom of the page.

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Katherine Mannering ♥ PENTHOUSE

Alexandra Bogojevic ♥ MAYFAIR

Edwige Fenech ♥ PLAYMEN

Nancy Harwood ♥ PLAYBOY

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