This post has the Playmates from Playboy Philippines years 2008-2009.  I will continue posting 2 years at a time until I get to 2017.  Unfortunately, as with a lot of Asian countries, most of the pictorials contain only partial nudity.  I collect as many photos as I can find so I will always try to provide the best, the sexiest and of course any nude pictures.  Playboy Philippines started in April of 2008 so that’s where I will start.  The first issue contained 2 playmates.

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2008 philipina centerfolds
Playboy Philippines Class of 2008

Miss Aprils, 2008, Co-Playmates Weng Santos and Joy Pagurayan and Cover Girl Priscilla Meirelles

Miss May, 2008 Playmate Billy Abeleda and Cover Girl Raquel Gibson

Miss June, 2008 Playmate Sachie Sanders

Miss July, 2008 April Playmate Lorraine Santos

Miss August, 2008 Playmate Geri Garcia

Miss September, 2008 Playmate Victoria Roc

Miss October, 2008 Playmate Danica Hahn

Miss November, 2008 Playmate Joyce Castro

Miss December, 2008 Playmate Bridget Suarez

Miss January, 2009 Playmate Michaela Grauke(AKA Mia Gray)

Also Cover Girl Saffi Karina and additional pictorial of Daria Gozdzialska

Miss February, 2009 Playmate Abby Poblador

Miss March, 2009 Playmate Jessie Medina

Miss April, 2009 Co-Playmates Andrea Shin and Ruby Basco

Miss May, 2009 Playmate Suan Javinez

Miss June, 2009 Playmate Aya Montez

Miss July, 2009 Playmate Jem Milton

Miss August, 2009 Playmate Barbie San Miguel

Miss September, 2009 Playmate Nicole Belke

Miss October/November, 2009 Playmate Betina Acosta

Miss December, 2009 Playmate Phen Madrigal

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