This post has photos of the Playboy Philippines Playmates 2010-2011.  There were some issues combined two months into one issue.  I love Filipinos.  The women are so sexy.  They are like a combination of Japanese and Hispanic.  Have you ever noticed how many women from the Philippines come to the USA that are in the nursing profession? Like 80% – crazy.  

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Miss January/February, 2010 Playmate Amber Dy

Miss March, 2010 Playmate Tanja Winheim but since she is from Germany, and not the Philippines, I chose instead another pictorial from that same issue – Joanna Krupa from Dancing with the Stars. 

Miss April, 2010 Playmate Sky Aisuru

Miss May, 2010 Playmate Jewelle De Vera


Miss June, 2010 Playmate Francia Floresca Caceres

Miss July, 2010 Playmate Naj Cruz

Miss August, 2010 Playmate Ariane Esperas

Miss September, 2010 Playmate Rhea Laroza

Miss October, 2010 Playmate Angelae Sevilla

Miss November/December, 2010 Playmate Joyce Burgos

Miss January/February, 2011 Playmate Naomi Estefan

Miss March, 2011 Playmate Princesz Roux

Miss April/May, 2011 Playmate Jobie Quinn

Miss June, 2011 Playmate Alyssa Samonte

Miss July/August, 2011 Playmate Ma’riya Argel

Miss September, 2011 Playmate Ava Guiao

Miss October, 2011 Playmate Khaycee Klerr

Miss November, 2011 Playmate Suyen Li

Miss December, 2011 Playmate Esjhae Red


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