All of the Playmates from the Playboy Philippines edition years 2012 and 2013.  The ultimate in Pinay beauty.  This is part 3 of 4 in my Playboy Philippines edition blogs.  It seems as if the Asian countries with Playboy editions are only OK with showing nipples some of the time.  There are a lot of hands covering their breasts.  To me, it’s frustrating.  I want to see those dark and sexy Filipino nipples and areolas.  As always, I try to provide as many photos of the Playmates as I can find, not just from the Playboy pictorial.  Don’t forget, I always have a poll at the bottom of each post where you can choose your favorite girls(you can choose more than one).  

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Miss January/February, 2012 Playmate Carlene Benin

Miss March, 2012 Playmate Ana Montreal

Miss April, 2012 Playmate Gypsy Sarcon

Miss May/June, 2012 Playmate Ayesha Surihani

Miss July, 2012 Playmate Princess Jija

Miss August, 2012 Playmate Grey Gomez

Miss September, 2012 Playmate Kristiana Herrera

No Photos found   Bunny Drawing

Miss October/November, 2012 Playmate Bella Gordilla

No Photos found   Bunny Drawing

Miss December, 2012 Playmate Ondrea Felix

Miss January/February, 2013 Playmate Nicole Austria  

Miss March, 2013 Playmate Zen Hernandez

Miss April, 2013 Playmate Tara Medina

Miss May/June, 2013 No Playmate of the Month

Bunny Drawing

Miss July/August, 2013 Playmate Daniella Jose

Miss September, 2013 Playmate Joyen Santos

Miss October, 2013 Playmate Paris Eivissa

Miss November/December, 2013 Playmate Kriz Hernandez



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