This will probably conclude my series for Playboy Philippines.  I really don’t like to go current.  The overall most basic theme of this blog is vintage magazine model nudes.  Plus I have so many new ideas for series that I want to get started.  Also I really need to finish my ‘Love Boat’ guest stars posts.  Do some more ‘Hottest TV stars of 19…’, as well as more ‘Jet Magazine Beauties’.  I want to get ‘Battle of the Centerfolds’ to 1973 where I’m going to(again) change the format.  This time it will be Playboy Centerfolds competing against their international counterparts.  But Playboy didn’t go international until 1973.  Until then I will match Playboy up against Penthouse and some random magazines.  Then when I get to 1973 those random magazines will again compete in ‘Nudie Magazine Beauty Contest’ as a series I will bring back.  Anyway, that’s the play for the future.  I hope you stay on board.  I have a ton of interesting new ideas.  It’s just me here, so my time is somewhat limited.

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Miss January/February, 2014 Playmate Regina Castillo


Miss March, 2014 Playmate Daphne Olid

Miss April, 2014 Playmate Jhenice Padama

Miss May/June, 2014 Playmate Kiomi Tuibeo

Miss July, 2014 Playmate Akiko Pria

Miss August, 2014 Playmate Lady Bautista

Miss September, 2014 Playmate Arra Pascual

 There were no more issues in 2014, for reasons unknown to me.

January/February, 2015 Playmate Akiam Nishi

Miss March/April, 2015 Playmate Cris Raki

Miss May/June Playmate Say David

Miss July/August Playmate Khaye Dee

 September/October, 2015 No Playmate of the Month

As a substitute I found some group photos

November/December, 2015 No Playmate of the Month

♥  The 2015 Playmates  ♥

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