This post is the first in the series ‘Battle of the Centerfolds: PLAYBOY INTERNATIONAL EDITIONS‘.  In this post we have Playboy’s first International Edition in November of 1972.  That honor goes to Italy.  This series will have the American Miss November 1972, Lenna Sjooblom vs Playboy Italy’s Centerfold, Vicki Peters.  Unfortunately, early international editions would often use a previous American pictorial instead of photographing a native Italian.  The use of models native to their respective countries would increase as time went on.  Vicki Peters was the Miss April, 1972 American Playmate.  So, ironically, the American Playmate was from Sweden while the Italian Edition Playmate was from Minnesota.

I will also include another pictorial from the magazine which featured Agostina Belli, a beautiful Italian film actress. 

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Miss November 1972, Lenna Sjooblom

Miss November, Italian Edition, Vicki Peters

Agostina Belli, Italian Actress

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