In 2003 Penthouse had international editions in Germany and Greece.  This was the beginning of Penthouse’s expansion into expanding abroad.  30 years after Playboy did it beginning with France, Italy and Germany.  Both magazines would expand into many different countries.  Boobs from all over the world.  As always, feel free to comment and vote for your favorites in the poll at the bottom.

So, what do we got today?

We have September 2003’s Pets of the month Agnes, Lena, Natasha, Monica and Pamela from Penthouse Germany.


August 2003 Pet of the Month Gianna Chatzimichali and October 2003 Pet of the Month, Samantha Gouti, from Penthouse Greece.


2003 Pet of the Month for June Lanny Barbie, August’s Sandra Shine, and September’s Chantelle Fontaine from Penthouse USA.

Unfortunately, I could not get the dates to match up exactly due to the scarcity of information available(or I’m just too dumb to find it  Please bare with my unprofessional yet admirably well-meaning blog  I just want to share my passion for women’s boobs and other parts, but mostly boobs.)

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Germany’s Pets of the Month 2003

Greece’s Pets of the Month 2003

USA’s Pets of the Month 2003

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