This post is women whose first name starts with the letter ‘K’ thru ‘L’.  Kirstie Alley, Linda Blair, Linda Evans and Loni Anderson are some of the hottest women to appear in my continuing series The Love Boat’s Hottest Guest Stars.  There were 555 total guest stars on this long running show. That is why I have to post the complete list in segments, alphabetically. I used to watch that show every Saturday night. It was a fairly provocative show to a pre-teen back then because we got to see the stars in their bathing suits(some anyway). No internet, so things were, of course, much more buttoned up during the years 1977 to 1986, when the Love Boat appeared every Saturday night on TV.  To young pubescents like me, The Love Boat was a chance to see some sweet ass in a bikini.

As always, there is a poll at the bottom to vote for your favorites.  You may vote for more than one.  No registering or anything like that to vote.  I made a change from my earlier posts where I now just have one big slideshow instead of one for each actress.  Click any image for the larger slideshow and arrow through, or X out and pick a photo from the mosaic if you just want to see certain actresses.

Now sing along with me…

Love, exciting and new
Come aboard, were expecting you
The Love Boat…

A little history of ‘The Love Boat’.

The ship began operation in 1971 with Flagship Cruises, under the name Sea Venture. It wasn’t christened until 1972, almost exactly one year later.  In April 1975, she was sold to P&O’s newly acquired Princess Cruises along with sister ship Island Venture. The pair were renamed Pacific Princess and Island Princess,

Princess Cruises agreed to have their cruise ships featured in the television romantic comedy anthology series The Love Boat, which debuted in 1976 as a made for TV movie and as regular show in 1977. The ship featured in nearly every episode of the series (which was filmed primarily on sets in a production studio) was Pacific Princess, although other ships also appeared, including Island Princess. The term “Love Boat” was heavily used by Princess Cruises in their marketing, and became synonymous with Pacific Princess. The success of the up-beat television show, which remained on the air until 1987, is largely credited with the increase in popularity of cruise ship travel in North America.

In 1998 Pacific Princess was impounded by police in Piraeus, Greece after 25 kg of heroin was found on board, smuggled by Filipino crewmen – oops.  According to police sources quoted in the BBC report at the time, there was evidence the ship had become a major tool for drug smugglers in the Mediterranean.

I’ll try to research some interesting facts and trivia about the show, like above, and share it on each post.  

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NOTE:  I apologize for taking so long between posts.  I was dealing with a prolonged relapse.  Heroin is no joke.  If anyone has experienced anything like that or would like to comment about substance abuse, feel free.

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