In Memoriam: Hugh Hefner, my hero.


My first posts were all about the beginnings history of Playboy.  I have an actual scanned recruitment pamphlet for Bunnies to work at their clubs.  I have an actual scanned Human Resources manual for the Bunnies at the clubs.  Some other stuff too.  It’s pretty neat.  Selecting ‘Playboy’ in the category section on the right, then scroll to the bottom.  That’s my earliest stuff.

In honor of my hero, Hugh Hefner, I am doing a Playboy retrospective.  I will display my favorite Playmate from each year, 1953 to present day 2017.  The Centerfold picture only.  See how the look of the Playmates changed year by year, decade by decade.  As always, you can vote for your own favorites at the poll at the bottom of the post.  Enjoy!

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This is where the nudity ended for a while.  Glad it’s back.  Just look at the tits on the last one!  And they stopped?

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